Ch Wildhart's Indecent Proposal


Robbie at 18 mos.



24-hour Holter for BCM showed 1 PVC  (01/05)

SAS Clear (07/05), Murmur Free

Dr. Keith Strickland DVM Diplomate, ACVIM (Cardiolology, LSU) 




Show Wins

Beautifully presented by Aaron Wilkerson

03-04-06 Robbie Pensacola.jpg (76802 bytes)

 03/04/06 - WD under Judge Alberto Barrios for his 1st point.     

  03-05-06 Robbie Pensacola b.jpg (74906 bytes)

 03/05/06 - WD under Judge Judith Brown

04-01-06_Newnan_b.jpg (79536 bytes)

 04/01/06 - WD/BW/OS under Judge Sue Catlin


 04/02/06 - WD/BW/OS under Judge Douglas Shipley  for 2 pts. 

We are thrilled with Robbie's back-to-back wins his first TWO weekends showing!!

      04/13/06 - RWD (to a 5-pt major) under Judge Jay Richardson
      04/24/06 - WD/BW under Judge Susan Malinowski
      04/29/06 - WD under Judge Norman Kenney
    04/30/06 - WD under Judge William Cunningham

05-28-06_Robbie_TN.jpg (90742 bytes)

 05/28/06 - WD under Judge Bonnie Clarke

 RobbieHouston.jpg (101051 bytes) 


Major Win!!

Houston Boxer Club 

 07/20/06 - WD under Judge Sam Burke for 4 points.


  ChRobbie09-06A.jpg (62426 bytes)


Major Win!!

Georgia Boxer Club 

 09/21/06 - WD under Judge Darryl Vice for 5 points.



Robbie's kids

Angie  (by Wildhart's Secret Affair)

Rogan & Rueben  (by Jacquet's Cauchemont)

Aidan  (by Wildhart O'Burks Last Dance)


14 months


   10 weeks








Ch JEMS-Rosend's Jamin Uptown Ch JEMS Pearl Jam, SOM Ch Bridgewood's B K Kahuna SOM LOM Ch Telstar's Goodtime Charlie SOM Ch Berena Gemini Splashdown, LOM
Telstar's High Fidelty
Ginger Golden Glow Ch Mephisto's Spartacus
Coco Fansee Dancer
JEMS Pearl of Manor Hill Ch Berena's Tribute To Fa-Fa SOM Ch. Wagner Wilverday Famos Amos LOM
Summerbird Leading Lady, DOM
Ch. Manor Hill's My Fair Lady Ch. Siegel's Sudden Empac
Manor Hill's Lady Ann, CD
Ch. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM LOM Ch Bridgewood's B K Kahuna SOM LOM Ch Telstar's Goodtime Charlie SOM Ch Berena's Gemini Splashdown SOM LOM
Telstar's High Fidelity
Ginger's Gold'n Glow Ch. Mephisto's Spartacus
Coco's Fansee Dansen
Von Helm's Princess Kelly Ch Glennroe Rum Runner, SOM Ch Telstar’s Front Runner SOM
Glennroe Elated Echo O’Dolor
Rivernook's Rascal Lass Ch Becrelen's Lionel of Jomar
Jacquet's Casey Jones
Ch Lough Baile O’Burks, OFA Ch Daunte’s Rigoleto Of Mephisto, CSOM Ch Mephisto’s Rosenkavalier Ch Berena’s Tribute to Fa-Fa SOM Ch Wagner Wilverday Famous Amos SOM
Summerbird Leading Lady
Ch Mephisto’s Black Sabbath DOM Ch Marquam Hill’s Traper of Turo
Ch Mephisto’s Autumn Romance
Ch Karmel’s Dante’s Sassafras DOM Ch Berena’s Gemini Splashdown SOM Ch Wagner Wilverday Famous Amos SOM
Summerbird Leading Lady
Jacquet’s Kiri Te Kanawa DOM Ch Jacquet’s Gaspard
Nutwood’s Renata De Jacquet
Jamie’s Chrisma O’Burks Ch Barisle’s Special Premium SOM Ch Mystery’s Show Bis SOM Ch Ell Bee’s Just Watch Out SOM
Ch Mystery’s Cherokee Maiden
Ch Marburl’s Scarlet Cord DOM Ch Holly Oak’s Lord Rochambeau
Ch Marburl’s Rahab of Wesan
Ch Druid Mystery O’Burks Ch Golden Haze Tuxedo SOM Ch Marquam Hill’s Traper of Turo SOM
Can Ch Golden Haze Stole The Ring
Ch Claremor’s Maeva O’Burks Ch Niklofs Vindicator
Claremor’s Addicted To Love





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